RB Business Consultancy is an independent business consultancy aimed at helping small to medium enterprise businesses (SMEs) fulfil their potential and maximise their profitability.

Robin Bass – SME Specialist

I have over thirty years experience in the SME sector as a finance specialist, company doctor and business coach, sales and marketing consultant and commercial mortgage adviser. In the course of my career I have trained and managed sales teams for blue chip clients such as Yellow Pages and BT and provided SME clients across all sectors with business advice ranging from start-ups to phoenix rescue packages. The RB Consultancy has been established so that I can pass on my knowledge and experience to a new generation of business owners.

Business Start-ups

The starting point for anyone thinking of running their own business should be writing the Business Plan. I have written Business Plans for all types of businesses ranging from a Psychotherapy practice to a Mobile Hairdresser. For Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Companies alike, the Business Plan is not only the key to raising the funds required for investment, or to securing a loan, but it is also the essential blueprint or roadmap to help business owners understand what they are looking to achieve and how they intend to achieve it.

In the course of my varied career as an independent consultant I have negotiated waste recycling contracts for start-up enterprises with companies such as Nestles, Reckitt & Coleman and Smurfit. I have secured support slots for bands on tours with artists such as David Essex and Status Quo and managed the tours for those bands. I have also set up and managed an estate agency arm for a firm of solicitors. None of this would have been possible if the business did not have a Business Plan in place to point the way.

Problem Solving

If you feel the need to be researching the potential help available to you and your business the likelihood is that you have a current or potential future problem that you do not feel confident dealing with on your own. That is exactly why I am here. My years of experience mean that I am likely to have come across a similar situation previously and will either have the knowledge and experience to assist you directly or be able to refer you to somebody who can provide the service you need. I have acted as a business consultant and company doctor to numerous companies across the retail, manufacturing and service sectors – both in times of recession, to help companies restructure and survive; and in times of growth, to help businesses expand and maximise profitability. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as re-visiting your pricing structure and at other times more drastic action is necessary such as using the Phoenix route to recovery.


Whether you are a new or existing business, we can help you to ensure your drive to increase sales is structured in such a way as to maximise profitability.


We work with you to identify the costs that can be safely reduced or eliminated without potentially jeopardising the survival and future growth of your business.


We help you to run your business efficiently, cost effectively and in line with your vision. Our expertise enables you to grow your business profitably to achieve its full potential.

Securing The Necessary Funding

Corporate financial planning is an important part of our services. Whether equity investment is needed through a Business Angel or Venture Capital Company, or a loan is required for a specific purpose, it is essential that you have a robust Business Plan in place to convince prospective investors and lenders that your business is a good risk. I will work in conjunction with your accountants, legal advisers and other professionals to ensure that the proposition is packaged in such a way as to maximise the chances of successfully securing the required funding. I have successfully secured funding for many different types of businesses over the years. This funding has included grants, invoice factoring and asset finance; commercial mortgages for the purchase or refinance of business premises as well as securing Venture Capital and Business Angel funding. Crowd funding is also a medium that can be explored in certain circumstances.

How Do We Work?

Virtual meetings are the new normal and can actually be just as informative and worthwhile as a face to face meeting providing all parties prepare thoroughly and have the required information to hand. I use a combination of Zoom meetings, emails and telephone conversations to assimilate the required information. I then liaise with other professionals, such as your accountant and legal adviser, to formulate the first draft of your new Business Plan; which I then present to you for discussion. When you are happy with the Business Plan we are then in a position to move forward to the next stage as and when you decide you are ready to do so. You are in control. It is your business. My job is to help you to understand what is possible and show you how you can achieve it.


Have any questions about our service? We would love to hear more about your business and help fulfil it’s potential.