Helping Businesses Structure Their Finances

Corporate financial planning determines how a business intends to achieve its aims and objectives as laid out in its Business Plan. Financial forecasts such as projected profit and loss accounts and cash flow forecasts will form the basis of the plan. We will work with you and your accountant to structure your finances in such a way as to give your business the best possible chance of success. However, it is not unusual for the initial drafts of these financial planning tools to show up a potential shortfall in the amount of cash that the business may have available at a given point in the future. This process can therefore highlight the need for an additional cash injection at some point, which then needs to be planned in – or, alternatively, a planned expense may need to be postponed until such time as organic growth has produced the necessary funds from accumulated profits.

How RBBC Can Help You & Your Business

Lack of financial planning is one of the main reasons for businesses failing. They simply run out of cash because the overheads have been allowed to grow unchecked and the sales have failed to meet expectations. We not only help you to set targets and budgets, but we also review these with you on a monthly or quarterly basis. These reviews ensure you have the information you need to enable you to keep your business on track to achieve the objectives set out in the Business Plan by identifying and focusing on the areas of the business that need attention, such as adjusting budgets or increasing sales.

Commercial Mortgages

Not every business either wants or needs to buy their own premises, but if you are considering purchasing or refinancing your business premises you are likely to need a commercial mortgage. The greater the deposit the lower the interest rate is the normal rule. If you are able to demonstrate a track record of at least two years profitable trading, at levels that show the business is able to sustain the payments for the required mortgage, you will be offered a higher loan to value deal than if you are starting a new business and looking to borrow on the strength of financial forecasts and your Business Plan alone. We will help you to assess the options available, secure an offer for the necessary funds and guide you through each step of the process.

Business Protection

Business Protection is an essential financial planning tool. With a business protection arrangement in place, if selected people become ill or die, our clients will be able to: keep their businesses trading; replace key individuals; provide employee benefits; protect corporate debt, buy out a partner, shareholder (or their estate) if they become critically ill or die. Despite its obvious benefits for clients, business protection is an area many advisers tend to avoid. We make sure that our clients are given the opportunity to protect their business by offering every business a referral to a business protection specialist for a free review.


I have just helped a new limited company client to purchase and refurbish premises in Liverpool by writing their Business Plan and arranging the bridging finance, commercial mortgage and business protection they required.


I act for a Limited Company Buy To Let property business and help them raise the funds required to purchase, refurbish and refinance residential properties. They are now on their third property with another waiting.


A limited company in the aerospace industry incurred significant set up costs and although it now had the potential to trade profitably, it was actually insolvent and cash flow was stretched to the limits. Read how it survived!


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